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Homeowners Financial Care Fund Changes Name As it Nears $1M Fundraising Goal

Hoping to reach more people, Phoenix nonprofit Homeowners Financial Care Fund has changed its name.

The group that pays mortgages or rent payments for people when a sick child prevents parents from working has dropped Homeowners Financial from its name and now goes by simply Care Fund.

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Obama to Lay Out Plans to Aid Phoenix-Area Home Buyers

In an effort to expand home loans, especially to minorities and the newly re-employed, President Barack Obama is expected to announce in Phoenix today steps to cut government red tape for mortgage lenders and help more applicants qualify sooner.

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ASU Polls Top Real Estate Brokers Opinions


Apartment rents are climbing. Investors are paying higher prices for office buildings and warehouses leased by prominent companies located in employment corridors. Retailers are expanding again. Metro Phoenix’s commercial real-estate market is on the mend, but, like the economy, still has hasn’t recovered from the crippling recession, according to a new survey from Arizona State University that tracked the opinions of several top brokers in the region.

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Not All Home-Improvement Projects Worth The Cash, 6 Tips

Home-Improvement-ProjectsMany home owners will make renovations to their property with the idea that it will make their home more enjoyable and when it comes time to sell it will pay off. But those looking to sell should know that not all home-improvement projects will boost the value of a home.

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The Phoenix Miracle

phoenixNot long ago you’d look like a fool for buying real estate in Phoenix. Today, you’d be entitled to feel like a genius if you purchased devalued property back when every fourth home was in foreclosure.


How did one of the nation’s biggest real estate sinkholes become among the hottest real-estate markets? There are several answers. One, especially, might surprise you: Phoenix has developed a housing shortage, which is helping to drive up prices.


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Mortgage Rates Affect Monthly Payments More Than you Think

While most home buyers know that the sales price they agree to pay for their next home will impact how much their next monthly mortgage payment will be. I believe home buyers should pay as much, if not more, attention to their mortgage rate.

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Phoenix Area Home Sales, Interest Rates, and Prices All On The Rise

Despite the predictions of many who said a sudden spike in mortgage interest rates would dramatically decrease the demand for housing, home sales in the Phoenix area are not only still strong, they were actually higher during May and June of 2013 than they were during May and June of 2012!

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In Phoenix Real Estate, Zombies Start Waking Up

zombiesWhen the region’s housing market took a nosedive a few years ago, developers abandoned subdivisions that were only partially built. Estimates by the Sonoran Institute put the number of so-called zombie lots in Central Arizona at a staggering one million. Now, with the industry well into recovery mode, that empty land is starting to wake up.

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Metro Phoenix housing market’s turnaround creates new issues

0222-homesale_full_600More than 100,000 houses stood vacant across metro Phoenix barely three years ago — roughly one of every 10. Today, it’s more like one out of every 100.

Where have all the empty houses gone? Abandoned properties pockmarked virtually every neighborhood in the region in 2010, when the housing crisis peaked.

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President Obama Talks Real Estate

aaa-obama-speechx-largeThe following question was asked to President Obama on August 7th, 2013:  I live in the greater phoenix area.  My neighborhood has been hit very hard by the foreclosure crisis.  Things are finally starting to look up, but we’re certainly not back to pre-recession values.  How is the administration planning to help homeowners in areas like Phoenix regain our footing?

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